Managing Achilles Tendinitis: Tips for Runners

Managing Achilles Tendinitis: Tips for Runners
Runners often encounter injuries, with Achilles tendinitis being one of the most prevalent. This condition manifests as tightness in the Achilles attachment at the heel, accompanied by swelling, tenderness, and pain, especially during initial steps. Unfortunately, this inflammatory injury can impede long-distance running.

For mild cases, Achilles stretches before running are advisable. However, moderate to severe tendinitis, characterized by swelling, pain, and limping, may necessitate 3 to 4 weeks of rest. Custom orthotics are often recommended, although alternative modalities like boots, steroidal anti-inflammatories, and topical pain relievers are available.

If you're a runner experiencing Achilles pain, prioritize rest and let it guide your recovery. Once the pain subsides, gradually resume running. Remember, proper management is key to overcoming Achilles tendinitis and getting back on track.
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